The Johns Hopkins Foreign Affairs Symposium


The Foreign Affairs Symposium is an entirely student-run, non-profit speaker and panel series dedicated to generating discussion about current and pressing international issues. The forum of the Foreign Affairs Symposium encourages students, faculty, and members of the Baltimore community may interact and engage with prominent global figures. Our speakers are selected for their ability to captivate an audience and spark dialogue in thoughtful debate over issues of international significance.

In our modern society, we are constantly experiencing revolutionary breakthroughs that change the way we interact in the world. In an era in which news is globally broadcast in seconds, we are always receiving breaking information that shapes our viewpoints. While these technological, cultural, and economic innovations help to solve many of the world’s problems, these same advances also pose many new challenges to security, economic stability, equality, and human rights. The Foreign Affairs Symposium  inspires the next generation of leaders in the Baltimore community to think analytically about these issues, learn from innovation, and consider the persisting problems that we must face and overcome in a rapidly changing world.